Tonight on Salvation Episode 12 – Look out for Wormwood!

Salvation episode 12

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Salvation episode 12 is the penultimate episode. It’s hard to believe that next week will be the show’s finale!  There’s still no word on a season two, which is nerve-wracking by itself.  For now though, let’s take a couple of sneak peeks about what’s going down tonight on Salvation episode 12.

Tonight on Salvation Episode 12 – “The Wormwood Prophecy”

On one level, the CBS episode description 0f Salvation episode 12 is pretty straightforward.  However, the title is not!

The Wormwood Prophecy

Darius, Grace and Harris join forces to prove the president was murdered. Also, Grace tells Zoe the truth, on SALVATION, Wednesday, Sept. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT).

Airdate: 09/13/2017

Those familiar with the Bible will recognize that this title comes from the Book of Revelation.  Specifically, it’s from Revelation 8:10-11:

10 The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 the name of the star is Wormwood.[a] A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

Yes, it sounds like an asteroid hitting earth.  There are a number of conspiracy theories in our world about this, and after reading a few of them I would bet the Salvation writers did as well.  Especially after this sneak peek where Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabreratells Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) and Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) about the unique make-up of the asteroid called “Sampson.”

One of the largest conspiracies about this come from a 2010 book: Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man, and the End of the Age.  The author has a website filled with wild theories about the world ending and giant asteroids. (The site claimed one would hit in February of this year.  Oh well!)

Obviously the information on sites like can’t be taken seriously.  It is a great place to mine tidbits for science fiction ideas though.  One thing that came to mind after seeing the above sneak peek was this quote about the earth-shattering asteroid.  It certainly sounds a bit like what Darius described!

…the asteroid is composed of hardened tritium encased in a nickel-iron core; essentially making it invulnerable to the thermal shielding that normally protects our planet from space-borne objects.

In last week’s episode the new POTUS, President Monroe Bennett (Sasha Roiz) told Claire Rayburn (Erica Luttrell).  Could it be these two are some endtimes nuts who decided to speed Revelations along in order to bring back “The Messiah”?!

About That “Also….”  Darius and Grace Discuss Zoe

If Team Darius is worried about all the cooperation going on between Grace and Harris, don’t be.  This sneak peek should put you at ease.

Come on Darius – it’s not that complicated! Look at her eyes!

Make sure you tune into CBS tonight at 9pm ET to watch Salvation episode 12 – “The Wormwood Prophecy”!

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