Tonight on The Simpsons: Season Finale Sneak Peeks “The Ned-liest Catch”

The season finale of the long-running Fox animated series, The Simpsons, will be airing tonight at 8:00 p.m.

Bart decides to engage in a little school prank, but it predictably goes awry. Unfortunately, Mrs. Krabappel gets suspended after the prank, but Bart feels guilty about her suspension. Bart offers to help her escape her detention and Ned stumbles upon her and ends up saving her life.

Ned and Edna decide to start dating, but Ned is shocked when he learns how much Edna got around, and how many of Springfield’s men she’s been with. Among those men? Homer and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer. Kramer will be appearing as himself in the episode.

Below are two sneak peeks from tonight’s all new season finale episode of The Simpsons. The Simpsons will be returning in the fall for a new season on Fox.

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  • Dominic Vincent

    Ned and Edna ned to stay together

    • May Minnix

      They should stay together

      • River

        they  need  to  stay  together

  • http://tvovermind kerry

    i think ned and edna should stay together because lots of good story lines

  • http://google clair

    stay together

  • connor

    stay together

  • Jim A

    It's about time poor Ned meets some one and maybe gets lucky in the end. Good Luck Ned.

  • David


  • Kohl A.

    Ned and Edna should stay together…GO NED!!

  • Jen

    Stay together get married them 2 boys need a mother

  • Manaiah

    Yes Ned and Edna need to stay together. He needs a woman

  • William M.

    It's about time that Ned, and Edna stay together. It's just sad to see them so lonely every time we watch the show. Besides Ned has two kids from his former marriage. In the end it's a win win solution for everyone. So vote for them to stay together.

  • nick

    Yes he needs a woman, but Edna? Wheres that christian country singer.  She was better for him.

  • Andrea

    Yes I think Ned and Edna should stay together its about time Ned found him a women

  • River

    sty to  together

  • mac

    They should stay together, great opportunity to get back at homer for all those years of aggravation.

  • jeff

    Hell yea! Sorry NED, It will save some cartoon kid from molestation.

  • Mary Lee

    Ned and Edna all the wat!

    • Mary Lee

      I mean all the way!

  • tracy

    stay together

  • Kelly

    They should stay together.

  • Brandon

    Yes adna and med should stay together

  • RADIX95

    NO WAY !!!!!!!


  • digna mojica

    i  think ned and edna will stay together

    • digna mojica

      i think ned and edna should saty togerther

  • Ernie

    Ned should hi diddley Edna till

  • Madison

    edna and ned should not stay together

  • Cindy&Juan* # 1

    Go Ned*keep them toghtr*

  • alisha

    Ned needs some companionship and those special need kids of his need help. Edna i the strength they will need.

  • Amy

    Ned and Edna forever

  • carol

    let them get married

  • John N.

    Yes… Ned and Edna should get married.

  • Lacy

    Edna should get back with Joey Kramer & go on the road with Aerosmith lol

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