Top 15 Most Dangerous TV Villains of All Time


A villain on television is the person you most love to hate. A villain can be someone trying to take over the world or even someone who is a nightmare at the workplace. They are the ones that cause drama and make the story lines all the more appetizing.  The more dangerous the villain, the more exciting the plot. Here is the list of the top 15 most evil characters TV has to offer:

15. Dwight Schrute, The Office

You may ask yourself why Dwight made the list. But would you want to sit next to him 8 hours day, 5 days a week? I didn’t think so. Dwight’s constant need to enforce rules and ruin the fun at Dunder Mifflin makes him the perfect villain. After all, he did sleep with Angela while she was engaged to Andy and tried to steal Micheal’s job.

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  • Joe Rhoads

    Wow! You really don’t have any concept of what a villain is, do you?

  • Tim Gerstenberger

    A villain is someone whose evil actions are key to the plot. All of the characters featured in this piece fit that description. Though some may not be thought of as a “typical” villain, their actions are classified as villainous. Thanks for reading the article.

  • Melinda

    It’s Fauxlivia not Altlivia! It’s what Walter says that is important, not IMDB.

  • Brandon Roberts

    where is regina or cora from once upon a time or rumplestiltskin or the worst of all peter pan also the power rangers 1 the picture is of the current incantations cast