The Top 5 Awkward Grammy Awards Moments


As we’ve been writing about now for the past few weeks now, it’s one of the best times of the year to be a fan of all things entertainment—it’s award season. And after seeing some memorable moments already occur at the SAG, Golden Globe and Peoples’ Choice Awards, we’re getting pretty darn hyped about this weekend’s Grammy’s. So what are we doing to put a smile on our face in anticipation of some of the things we’re expecting? Naturally, we’re counting down a few of the most awkward Grammy Awards moments we’ve seen to date.

5. Nicki Minaj’s Exorcist-like Performance (2012)

Rapper Nicki Minaj might have a whole lot of junk in the trunk that she likes to show-off, but when it comes to memorable performances for all the right reasons, she tends to fall on her booty. Well, at least she did a couple of years ago when she gave a live rendition of her singles “Roman’s Revenge” and “Roman Holiday,” complete with priests, and exorcism and some levitation. We’re still wondering how this had anything to do with the theme of either song, or if it was just a nightmare Minaj had?

4. Elton John and Eminem On the Same Stage (2001)

We don’t want to assume anything or start rumors, but, from what we’ve heard and read, rapper Eminem isn’t exactly too fond of the gay lifestyle. Though he never took a shot at Elton John in particular, seeing him on the same stage to perform his nominated hit “Stan” was still something that left people buzzing about—in a very strange way.

3. Lady Gaga and Her Egg (2011)

Leave it to Lady Gaga to have one of the most obscured red carpet entrances in the history of mankind. Curled up inside of a giant, plastic egg, and carried by people who, forever reason, wanted to take part in this weird stunt, Gaga brushed passed reporters easily by staying within in tight quarters. She performed her song “Born This Way” at that same show, so all we can do is shake our head ironically.

2. The Jennifer Lopez Dress (2000)

Just as her former mate on American Idol did by shocking the audience watching the Grammy’s, entertainer Jennifer Lopez had every guy wishing for free DVR back in 2000 when she showed up wearing quite the revealing dress. Sure, as a dude who has had a middle school crush on Lopez since I first saw a video with her in it, I enjoyed it. But for the national media, not so much—especially given the weird exchange between her and co-presenter, David Duchovny.

1. The Dancer During Dylan (1998)

Bob Dylan is one of the coolest dudes ever in music. With a career that spans five decades, he’s a guy who is just about a hard to get next to as one of the Beatles. But that didn’t stop a backup dance to take center stage and come within feet of the rock legend during the performance of the musician’s song, “Love Sick,” as the gyrating fool exposed the words “Soy Bomb” across his chest as he robotically moved on stage. Dylan did a good job of keeping his cool the best he could—and the guy was eventually escorted off stage by producers—but it was something that no one had any clue with what was going on.

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