The Top Ten TV Show Finales

Paul December 16, 2013 0

Ending a TV is a tough thing, as it can either leave a good or bad taste in your viewers’ mouths. WatchMojo has gone back through their ten most memorable TV finales for this list, and have come up with ones they view as the best.

From The Shield, to 30 Rock, to Cheers and more, there are some good picks here. I still maintain that The Sopranos is one of the best of all time, though Breaking Bad’s last few episodes give everything else that came before it a run for its money. I also quite liked The Office finale, which redeemed the show after a few season of a slump.

Obviously there are a lot of spoilers in the video above, so you may want to skip though a few of the entries if you haven’t seen them yet. I, for example, skipped over #10, The Shield, because I haven’t watched that show yet.

So did your favorites make the list? What do you think should have been included that wasn’t?