Tracy Morgan Is Now In Fair Condition

tracy morgan

When I first saw the news about Tracy Morgan’s accident in my Facebook feed, I thought it was a made up story. Just seemed the kind of thing a troll would post. The sad part was when it hit me he was actually hurt and the story was real. A good friend of his died in the wreck, so when I found that out, I felt awful. For awhile now, no one has really heard any news about how he was doing or if he had improved. The whole time I am thinking: This is Tracy Morgan, of course he will pull through. Well guess what? He just had his status upgraded to “fair condition”. Looks like our boy is gonna make it after all.

As many of you know, Tracy Morgan was in a van this weekend that got into a pretty bad accident, and his life seemed like it was hanging on the line for a minute or two there. Now he has officially been upgraded to fair condition, with people around the hospital saying that his buoyant personality is starting to show itself again, as well. The word is, a driver of a Walmart truck who had not slept in well over a day was the person driving who plowed into the vehicle Tracy Morgan was in. How this plays out for the mega chain remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Tracy Morgan is down for a moment, but definitely not out.

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