Tracy Morgan On His Way Back To Going Full Tracy Morgan

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Sometimes, Hollywood loses a good star too young to a tragedy. Thankfully, such is not the case with actor and funny man Tracy Morgan. Many of you recall from last month he was in a terrible car wreck that took the lives of one of his good friends and left the star beaten and bruised. Well, any of us who know Tracy Morgan knows he has a fighting spirit, and it seems that spirit has carried him to safety. We wanted that line to sound cheesy. We feel like he would appreciate that on some level.

The truth is, the actor finally found himself back home. The best in the world for any of us to heal. Around friends, family, and those who love us. There was a small window there when people thought Tracy Morgan might not make it, but wont go down that easy. Plus, recouping at home in New Jersey must be inspiring some really funny bits. Maybe we will get this whole story in book form some day. That would be one heck of a read. For now, the star is just grateful to be back home and to have the love and support of the fans that he did and does during this ordeal. For now, he is just pulling through, one day at a time.

He may not be the Tracy Morgan we fully know and love yet, but he will get back there. We are just glad he made it. We know many of you are, too.

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