Trailer for New HBO Apocalypse Show, The Leftovers


How ready are you for the rapture? Have you made your peace and lived a fulfilling, honest life? Do you think you would be one of the people sucked up to Heaven, or one of the people left behind here on Earth? Not that it matters, I just want you to do some soul searching just in time for the new HBO show, The Leftovers. Guess what the title is referring to? Those of us who get left behind when all the good people get sucked up into Heaven. I can confidently say, I would be like an old piece a meatloaf. I would definitely be a left over. I also should say, I am okay with that. This trailer for the new HBO rapture show, The Leftovers, has me thinking maybe being okay with it is NOT a good thing.

So the new Damon Lindelof’s new Thriller, The Leftovers, has an official trailer out. I will admit, it looks pretty darn interesting. Imagine for one minute how you would react if 2% of the world’s population suddenly vanished before your eyes. If you know anything about the rapture (hahaha, I love fiction) you already know the concept. The good ones go, the “bad” ones stay. As you can imagine, things go South for the “bad” ones pretty quickly. I mean, it is the Rapture after all. The people vanishing are only the first step, and trust me, it just gets worse and worse.

So make your peace now and tell everyone you love them. The proverbial rapture from The Leftovers premiers June 29th on HBO.

[Photo via HBO]

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