Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Getting Own Show


I truly believe only a fool would not appreciate the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog bits that became famous because of Conan O’ Brien. They may be a bit raunchy at times, and they may get a little cruel from time to time, but that is the fun. It is not like these insults are coming out of the mouth of a real person right to your face. He is a puppet (with a real person attached, but I digress) and if you can’t laugh at a dog picking on you, then you deserve to get picked on. Anyway, the reason we are here is because Triumph is getting his own Adult Swim show. How awesome is that?

The Triumph Show is slated for Adult Swim, and will co-star 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer as his more conservative side kick. They started doing bits where they would send Jack and Triumph to the same place, and the dynamic of total opposites plays really well off each other and should actually make for a really funny TV show. As many of you can imagine, Robert Smigel (who developed Triumph and does the voice) will be producing the show. With no air-date set in place yet, all we can do is wait. Patiently. For the dog puppet to come out with that nice boy from the South and insult us until we are laughing so hard we are crying.

Or the other way around.

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