True Blood 2.01 ‘Nothing But the Blood’ Recap

sookie&billAh, True Blood. It’s so nice to see you again, my dirty little secret. I am fully prepared for my weekly dose of gratuitous sex and violence, so bring it on.

We pick up where season 1 left off: Sam walks out of Merlotte’s and he hears Sookie and Tara screaming. Running over to Andy Bellefleur’s car, he spots Andy telling the girls to shut up. Andy, still drunk if I recall correctly, is trying to do an ad-hoc investigation and Tara is just praying that the body (which only has its legs showing) isn’t Lafayette. It’s Miss Jeanette, who has a freaking gaping wound in her chest (and I DO mean gaping), because her heart has been removed. Ew. Just….ew. I know I put in a request, but did you have to bring the gratuitous violence on so quickly?

Cops are now swarming the crime scene and Sookie is listening in on the thoughts of the police, Tara and the coroner. I honestly can’t remember the names of any of the characters on this show because it’s been so long since I watched an episode and now I have to look up everyone on Wikipedia. Ok, so the Sheriff (Bud Dearborne) comes by and Andy gives him a shaky recap of the evening. Bud realizes that Andy is drunk and tells him to go home, but Andy doesn’t want to.

Uh….is it just me or is Anna Paquin’s southern accent off in this episode? Sookie tells Sam that she’s so confused by this recent murder. Tara comes by, wanting to leave, and Sookie asks how she knows Miss Jeanette. Tara tells Sam and Sookie about the exorcism and Sookie tells Tara to tell the cops about that. Tara goes to talk to Kendra, the cop.


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