True Detective May End Up Being THE Show To Watch in 2014


Why have we not yet discussed True Detective? The new thriller series coming on HBO starring Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two detectives who pursue a serial killer across Louisiana over the course of seventeen years. First of all, conceptually, it sounds amazing. Second, the talent on board for this is nothing short of amazing. And third, this is HBO, so it is safe to say they are not afraid to take the show down some really dark paths.

Just the idea that we get to see Mathew McConaughey weekly in a dark and gritty drama is enough to ensure I will watch the show. As much as most people like him when he plays his cheesy, safe characters, I say he really shines in movies like Killer Joe and Mud, when the tone is a lot darker. And as you can see from this amazing trailer at Uproxx, True Detective is some dark stuff.

And Woody Harrelson has proven himself, time and time again, as an actor to contend with. Put him in anything and he shines, from the disturbing Natural Born Killers, to the outright hilarious in Kingpin, so getting to see him act alongside McConaughey will be quite a treat. Especially when it is a drama, and they are both playing for emotion and not laughs.

The first season of True Detective will only be eight episodes long, but as you know from other big shows with big stars on HBO like Game of Thrones, smaller seasons is by no means a bad thing. Though only bad news here is that we need to wait until January to see True Detective, but this trailer was just enough to whet our appetites.

More news on True Detective as it comes.

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