Is TV Better Than Watching a Movie?

Paul December 19, 2013 0

Here at TVOvermind, we might be a little biased when it comes to answering the question, “Is TV Better than Watching a Movie?” For us, the answer is obviously yes, but what about for you? HuffPo had a roundtable discussion you can see in the video above that sheds some light on the debate.

I’ll present my own case, and it’s kind of a no brainer. TV is cheap. Cheapest would be a Netflix subscription which has an unlimited collection of great shows, but even cable isn’t that pricey these days if find the right package. Monthly, you might spend less on movies than TV, but per viewing? It’s easily $20-30 for two people to go to the movies (not counting snacks) while that’s double your entire monthly Netflix bill.

Then there’s the hassle with actually going somewhere, which can require a babysitter or being stuck in traffic. You have no control over how your audience will behave in a movie as well. This is opposed to sitting on your couch in your own home, watching shows whenever you want, with whoever you want.

And then there’s quality, and the last decade has just been full of amazing TV shows better than any that have come before them. It’s amazing getting to know characters over the course of five or six seasons, rather than simply two hours in a film.

What do you think?