TV Needs An Original Superhero


You know what? TV needs an original superhero. Not a pre-established DC character. Not a pre-established Marvel character. Not a show that takes place in any of those well known superhero worlds. We came so very close with the show Heroes, but it really slipped off the rails after the promising first season. It’s other problem was that it watered down the impact of one superhero by having dozens. No, TV needs an original superhero, who stands by him or her self, and wins over a following of fevered nerds like myself who think the weekly format of a television show would lend itself incredibly well to the monthly styling of how comics are told. But, I need to stress this: an original superhero. That’s the key in all this.

Keep in mind, I would have no problem with a mainstream or well known comic book hero got his or her own show. Arrow and Smallville are/were fun rides that payed decent homage to the world they are from. But what if someone were to write a superhero completely for TV. The canon was not pulled from, but rather, created as they went? I know some people may want to say TV tried this and failed miserably with The Cape, that was actually an Image comic, so that doesn’t count. Also, it stunk.

In a world where we get anti-heroes like Heisenberg, is it so wrong to want to take that one step further? Give us a character like that, Give is a character with that much depth. Make that guy a superhero. What is his power? Does it wane from week to week? Does he use it for good or evil? Does that power corrupt him? From those angles, you can see how perfect an original superhero would work on the format of television.

Eh, you know what? I decided I am going to go write that show myself, right now.

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