TV Pilots We Hope Become Regular Shows


For all you TV junkies out there, it’s one of the best times of year—because it’s pilot season.

And although we personally love tuning in to see what unfolds on our favorite shows as they continue with their seasons, it’s always exciting to see which new shows might just be given the chance to get turned into a full-fledged series.

With this year giving us another abundance of possibilities, here are a few TV pilots that we really hope get picked up by a network and we’ll be able to watch regularly.

5. American Crime (ABC)

Written by Academy Award-winning film 12 Years a Slave‘s John Ridley, American Crime will be intense, serious gut-wrenching drama from start to finish.

With actors like Timothy Hutton and Felicity Huffman starring in it, the cast is about as deep as it is talented, and the plot will make viewers take sides and hold their breath for what happens next.

Viewers love a good battle between an antagonist and protagonist, and Ridley’s show should offer just that.

4. Marry Me (NBC)

Like so many successful comedies, Marry Me is using a single camera approach to show the difficulty of marriage.

Created by Happy Endings‘ David Caspe, the show features a couple who becomes engaged and realize how difficult it is to plan a wedding.

It might sound cheesy in theory, but because it’s not a sappy drama or reality show, we’re interested to see how it all comes to fruition.

3. The Pro (NBC)

Of all the pilots that we think will potentially be picked up, The Pro is probably the one that is sure to succeed—if only because of the names involved.

With Rob Lowe, Rob Riggle, Rebecca Romijn and Kevin Nealon headlining the series, networks should be flocking to go all-in with it.

Reuniting two former tennis doubles champs, we expect The Pro to have a variety of one-liners and funny feuds throughout—making it something that will become a regular on our DVR.

2. Mission Control (NBC)

For anyone who liked the competition between a male and female on the movie Anchorman, you might enjoy this comedy starring Krysten Ritter and Tommy Dewey as they battle to become the first astronaut to the moon.

Set in the ’60s, the story might not be about becoming a network news anchor, but with the talented Ritter playing the witty and sassy woman lead, we have a feeling it will be delightful.

1. Constantine (NBC)

Yeah, it’s another show that’s based off of a comic book, but with so many movies doing the same thing, what’s just one more TV show, right?

Following the life of John Constantine—who hopes to save the world from dark forces—the show should include some good action and a plot that will keep viewers intrigued.

Our main concern is having a major network water down the character and storyline, but here’s to hoping NBC avoids that.

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