Why the TV Show ‘Scream’ is a Bad Idea

skeet ulrich

As a kid of the ’90s, one movie that I can always watch is Scream.

Sure, it’s meant to be a scary movie that’s built for Halloween, but even in the summer, it can send a few goosebumps up my spine—even though I’ve seen it about 100 times, and know how it all goes down.

But as much as I enjoy the film, hearing the news that MTV is releasing a TV series with the same name is just ludicrous to me.

Not only does it diminish the entire brand of five films, but it serves really no purpose seeing that the original screen adaptation came out some 18 years ago.

I know that director Wes Craven will be involved—allegedly—but here are the five reasons why I still think it’s just a miserable idea.

5. It Will (Most Likely) Be Tame

What makes series like True Blood and Hannibal so great is that they haven’t succumbed to the gore that viewers love and the FCC hates.

Sure, I’m not asking for Scream to become an all-out blood fest or anything. But to stay in true form of the original, Ghost Face needs to be as bad as always—which, for better or worse—means a few messy scenes.

4. Will it Be Fun?

That’s the biggest question I actually have for the series, as the Scream movie plots have always focused on blending irony and fun with horror and drama.

It’s a fine line for writers and directors to toy with, but if the show can find the right balance, this show has the chance to be popular. Should they overdo it and make an obvious attempt to cheese it up, and no one will want to tune-in.

3. It’s on MTV

Yes, MTV was a movement for America’s youth when it first got released 30 years ago, but not anymore.

It’s all about appealing to the teenagers in masses, taking chances on shows that are either over-the-top reality based like Teen Mom and Catfish, or ones that have lost their premise—like The Real World and the preceding challenges/reunions.

Add in the fact that I just don’t think the network will allow the fright and gore that I mentioned earlier by dumbing down the characters, and I think the network may ultimately be the killer of this show—pun intended.

2. No Stars

The movie made names like Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard recognizable, and while I think it’d do more harm than good to have one of them make a cameo on the show, I wonder if MTV has the bucks to bring in a young star to get slashed early in the season—much like the movie did with Drew Barrymore.

If the show does happen to take off, it’s only natural for the actors to become household names, but what’s going to be the motive for people to watch the show from the beginning if it doesn’t have a strong, popular cast?

1. The Plot

What made the original Scream movie so amazing is that it played off the “rules” of scary flicks, trying to incorporate all the little cliches that are often shown.

That’s great and all, but what are the rules for TV shows?

Is that going to be a major storyline now that the movie has be adapted to a show?

And if not, does that ruin the entire premise of the movie?

There has to be some strategy in doing this correctly, so instead of just killing off characters each episode, I’d rather see a process where it leaves me on the edge of my seat, wondering why something’s happening and who the killer might be.

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  • HawkeMan

    This is doomed from the start. Scream is one of those movies that was never meant to have a tv adaptation so why even attempt it? Anyone remember Friday the 13th: The Series???? That should’ve been a warning for them to stay away from this.