The TV Shows Microsoft is Creating for Xbox

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As we’ve mentioned before—as if you didn’t already know—the current trend in TV is to take things outside of just a little black box and stream it through other outlets for consumers to use.

While the majority of content is being broadcasted on mobile platforms, devices like Playstation 3 and Xbox have gotten in on the action, too.

And with some major documentary filmmakers on-board to help Microsoft with its original programming, we’re giving you the five shows that Xbox is planning to release when they officially launch their TV shows.

5. Humans

In a world of technology, the show Humans takes a look at one suburban family who shares their home with a “synth”—which is, in theory, a robotic servant.

Hoping to transform how they live, the family quickly finds out how sharing their life with a machine is both strange and a bit consequential.

4. Signal to Noise/Atari: Game Over

Working with big-time producers, Signal to Noise is a series of six documentaries that discuss little known stories about modern technology and the impact it has had on society.

The first installment is about Atari—which should bring back every ’80s child—focusing on the disposal of unsold video games that were thrown and buried into a landfill back in 1983.

3. Bonnaroo

Are you a music festival junkie? Ever thought about trying to get to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee but just couldn’t snag tickets?

This is your chance to experience firsthand what the entire festival is like, as Xbox will be broadcasting this year’s event live thanks to premier partnerships with festival organizers.

Thanks to a virtual experience with the best performances that covers multiple stages, this show will bring together a community of festival-goers—even for those who resort to it from their XBox.

2. Every Street United

This is one show that, personally speaking, I can’t wait for.

An unscripted series featuring legendary soccer players Thierry Henry (France) and Edgar Davids (Netherlands), it focuses on the global search for soccer’s most gifted and undiscovered street stars.

So while the beautiful game is paid on a grass pitch in a packed stadium of supporters, this shows the love of the sport from a very urban, grassroots angle from eight different countries.

1. Halo

A groundbreaking series based on the award-winning Halo gaming franchise, the TV show has locked up legendary director and producer Steven Spielberg as its executive producer.

Seeing how everything Spielberg seems to touch turns to gold, fans should be excited about the possibilities of this action-packed, sci-fi show—even if it originated byway of a video game.

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