Do TV Shows Use Actual Science?

Paul December 13, 2013 0

TV shows have attempted to use all sorts of science over the years from CSI-based shows to meth-making schoolteachers. But how accurate is it, really? The Discovery Channel did a short video spot where it aims to answer that question. Esther from io9 stopped by for a chat, and it’s an interesting little clip that explores the trend.

They touch on The Big Bang Theory, CSI, Breaking Bad and more. Esther believes the “attitude” toward science is better, as smart people are being painted in an increasingly positive light, which hasn’t always been the case. It’s an upward trend, and a welcome one.

They also talk about how more and more shows get science consultants to make sure the science they present is accurate. I particularly liked the quip about how The Sopranos writers would call real doctors to ask what meds he should be taking. Watch the clip above.