TV’s Five Most Terrifying Serial Killers

Paul November 16, 2012 9

TV seems to have a fascination with serial killers in recent years. Whether it’s their methods or their psychology, we just can’t help but be fascinated by them, for better or worse.

These five have stood out for me above all others for their creepiness and terror they’ve inspired. Like snowflakes, no two serial killers are alike, and all of these have different styles and techniques that make them terrifying.

The Carver (Nip/Tuck)

This season three arc marked the pinnacle of the show for me. “Beauty is a curse upon the world” was a memorable slogan for this killer, and he targeted the most beautiful victims he could find, series regular Kimber included. Nip/Tuck did a great job of hiding his identity. When it was finally revealed, it was a shock to almost everyone, though it seems to obvious in retrospect.

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  • Lauren

    My favorite was Sylar because he was powerful and had no conscience he loved to hurt other people because he knew he could now that’s badass

  • Derp

    Lauren, you are messed up.

  • D

    The Carver was pretty creepy (the mask really), but since only one person was murdered by The Carver I don’t think the term “serial killer” really applies. Definitely a creepy serial rapist, though.

  • Brandon

    What about Foyet in Criminal Minds? He was sadistic and flat out evil, killing for the sake of killing. He should be on this list…

  • Jake

    There’s one glaring omission on this list. The single scariest episode of TV ever was the episode were Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed on Twin Peaks and they really showed Killer Bob.

  • T2

    Thanks for the spoiler alert! I just started watching American Horror Story! Awesome!!! Someone should be fired!

    • Clarissa

      We are a television news site, which means that once something airs, it’s fair game to be written about on the internet. Also, if you just started watching AHS then that means you are one or two seasons behind, as I’m not sure exactly where you are. We don’t post a spoiler alert for something that was revealed weeks or months ago. The general agreement across the internet is that something is no longer a spoiler once it airs on the east coast – and certainly after it airs on the west coast. I’m sorry you got spoiled, but we can’t predict individual viewing habits.

  • Brennan Sarkar

    You’re missing Frank Breitkopf and George Foyet from Criminal Minds. Top of the game serial killers who were even scarier because they were as real as you could get.

    • Estefania

      I totally agree with you, I immediately thought of them when I saw this Top5…