TV’s Twitter Focus a Waste of Time


So, as it turns out, not nearly as many people are tweeting tweets on twitter (love saying that by the way) as TV advertising people think/want. The frequent reminders throughout almost every show now to keep tweeting about a television show as you watch it may all be for naught (my personal favorite reality series, Sci Fi’s Face Off, never stops reminding me that I’m a bad viewer for not tweeting as I watch their show). But a full third of people who are watching television are traditional “couch potatoes”. They want nothing to do with human interaction while they watch and will not talk on the phone or check the internet while they watch their TV.

Another 26% of people are not watching live TV, but watch their TV shows online or on a DVR of some kind a day or more after it recorded. They are not likely to even watch many advertisements, much less tweet about their favorite show as they watch it. So already, that is nearly sixty percent of the viewing population that wants nothing to do with twitter while they are actually watching their shows.

The study concludes with a number just around eighty percent of the viewing public who are not likely to tweet about television while watching, so the natural conclusion is why, why are networks carrying out this constant annoyance? I don’t have an answer for that right now, though I’m sure many will simply decide that they are being purposefully annoying, something I find unlikely.

[Photo via NBC]

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  • percysowner

    They are carrying on the Twitter nonsense because Nielsen decided to count tweets as part of the ratings. You push what gets you higher numbers.