What are the Most Tweeted About Shows of the Season?

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Social media has forever changed the way we watch TV, and just what we watch. But you must find yourself wondering, what shows are the most tweeted about this season. Keep in mind, by this season we do not mean this year. Part of the season ran last year, so this list will include shows that may not be on anymore, but are still on people’s minds. A few of these may surprise you, and I know a few that wont.

The first one should not surprise you in the last bit. Breaking Bad leads the charge with, with The Walking Dead just behind it (AMC is no joke, people). Pretty Little Liars is third (a show that few adults watch, but every teenage girl tweets about) but here is where things get weird. The Bachelor actually is one slot ahead of Game of Thrones. I am not trying to pick favorites here, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sorry, but a world where the bachelor trends over Game of Thrones is a world I don’t belong in. I’ll stick around anyway until I have to fight The Mountain next week.

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I wont lie, I am just happy to see Breaking Bad continuing to get love. As one of the greatest shows ever, social media SHOULD be talking about it even after it’s gone.

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