Two Walking Dead Documentaries Coming From AMC

Premiere Of AMC's "The Walking Dead" 4th Season - Arrivals

As many readers of this site know, I adore the Walking Dead. I may give it a hard time sometimes, and call it on its slip ups. But that just means I put it under a microscope because I adore it so much. As many of you know, the show is set to return in July (yay!), with AMC running a Walking Dead marathon right before the new season launch. But did you kids know they had TWO Walking Dead documentaries coming up for us? I am pretty stoked about this.

As TV Line so graciously points out, seems AMC has a lot of Walking Dead to heap on our plates next month. First, starting on July Fourth, they will be running all four seasons, back to back. That is to get us ready for the premier of the new season that Sunday. Then, once we have tasted blood again and are ready for action, they are springing two documentaries about The Walking Dead for all the avid and rabid fans out there (like me).

The first one will air on July 8th and the 2nd on July 15th. They will focus on different behind-the-scenes aspects of the show. So it not that the Walking Dead is just coming back in July. It is coming back in a big way. Brilliant move on AMC’s part to start their season every time the Game of Thrones season ends. People don’t think there is a connection, but there is. Sunday TV has never been as fine as it is, right now.

Well, not technically, right now, because neither show is on. You know what I mean.

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