The UK’s Ten Favorite Shows of 2013 List Has a Bizarre Number One

Paul December 31, 2013 6

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British  Magazine Radio Times recently took a poll surveying Brits on what their ten favorite shows of the year were. As expected, their list is filled with a few great shows from their own country, and some solid American hits like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. But it’s their number one that’s a bit confusing. Check out the list below:

1. Ripper Street - 35.79%

2. Peaky Blinders - 18.53%

3. Doctor Who - 13.19%

4. Broadchurch - 7.95%

5. Breaking Bad - 3.34%

6. Last Tango in Halifax – 2.28%

7. Game of Thrones – 1.69%

8. The Walking Dead – 1.11%

9. The Fall – 1.03%

10. An Adventure in Space and Time – 0.89%

Yes, that’s right, Ripper Street is number one with a whopping 35% of the vote. Why is it on top? Well, the BBC killed the show earlier this year, and in apparent form of fan protest, they rushed to the poll to vault their show to the top. I guess the idea here is to now point to the poll and say “Stupid chaps! You killed the best show of the year! Bring it back! Cheerio!” or something like that.

I can’t say I caught Ripper Street when it aired, but for those of you that did, was it actually worthy of this kind of fervor? Seems like a reach, but if it can inspire fans this devoted, it must be worthwhile to some degree, right?

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  • Anna Louise Magee

    Well, let’s apply a little logic here: do you really think that all of those people had nothing better to do than to vote in a poll for a show that they didn’t honestly think was the best they had seen that year? And if they didn’t think it was the best, why would they care that it was cancelled in the first place? Or, to put it another way, do you honestly believe that the 33,600 plus RIPPER STREET fans from inside and outside the UK who have taken time out of their day to sign the largest online petition to bring the show back all did that because they just want to annoy the BBC for some mysterious reason? The petition may be found here: visit change[dot]org…search RIPPER STREET and REVERSE THE BBC, if you are a RIPPER STREET fan and wish to lend your support. UK fans — it’s your license fee – tell the BBC what you think. Tweet, e-mail, spread word. #SaveRipperSt

  • Dorothy Langman

    Paul~give it a whirl~you will be surprised Ripper Street & Peaky Blinders~two of the finest drama’s to hit TV screens in 2013, An utter travesty that BBC One have cancelled a potential third series of Ripper Street, so far against viewer opinion,it is bizarre? If you want QUALITY ~ Ripper Street excels…evocative sets exploiting the social fabric to the max, gripping story lines, a fine cast of actors and an edginess which many other drama’s simply lack~ Worthwhile? ~ I’ll say. Anyone who missed Series 1 and 2 ~it is a #MUSTWATCH. BBC One~your decision is a major mistake ~please reconsider and bring back this wonderful drama #SAVERIUPPERSTREET

  • Ria D

    I only caught the first season of Ripper Street but i absolutely loved the show, it was quality television with such a brilliant cast. I couldn’t find time for season 2 but i will watch it someday for sure.

  • rattilia

    I really don’t understand, what’s “bizarre”about RIPPER STREET being the number one.
    IMO: The best should win and the best won!

    Certainly there are a lot of great TV shows out there, but RIPPER STREET is special. RIPPER STREET is Unique Original British Quality Drama. For me it’s the best TV program for the last two decades. It’s an adult program: gritty, dark, intelligent, humorous, educative, sexy…

    Excellent acting, brilliant stories, fantastic set, wonderful costumes. The whole cast and crew made it being something unique, everything fits perfectly together. There’s an aura about RIPPER STREET. Watching it, I dig totally in it, like reading a beloved fantastic book.
    So, yes: RIPPER STREET won the #1 place! And really deserved it!

    RIPPER STREET ist just brilliant! :-)))))))))))))))

    Join RIPPER STREET fan action on twitter or Facebook #saveRipperStreet @BBCone

  • Lynn M

    I am a massive fan of Dr Who, Orphan Black, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones…and I voted for Ripper Street.

    Ripper Street took a common cliche and turned it into a genuine question: “Will the good guys get there in time,” became , “OMG, will the good guys get there in time? How?”

    That is why Ripper Street is top cop!

  • Dave Dunbar

    Paul, it would most certainly be a show you should try and catch, as I believe it would be something you would enjoy. It is not perfect, but what is, yet there is enough good in the series to warrant further investment by the BBC.

    The stories flowed, especially in the second series, building to a brilliant conclusion for a series, but not for the story as a whole!

    As others have said, not only have viewers voted for the series in the BBC poll but also contributed to a petition which I believe better reflects just how well the series has been received, so I hope you give it a go, and perhaps then write another article about what you think about it?

    If it’s not for you, then fair enough, but I hope you will be able to see why so many viewers want this quality series to return!