Ultra HD 4K TVs Aren’t Flying Off the Shelves Yet


4K TVs may officially be the next big thing in home entertainment, but it appears no one has told consumers yet. Now that Christmas has past, holiday shopping data is coming in, and it seems that prices are simply too high for people to be buying yet.

Offering four times the resolution of current 1080p TVs, 4K TVs seem like the next logical evolution of the medium. But right now, the cheapest 4K TV you can get is a 55 incher for $4,000 at a wholesale store. And the most expensive? That would be $40,000 for Samsung’s 85-inch monstrosity.

One big proponent of 4K is Netflix, who says they’re willing to stick with it no matter how long it takes people to adopt:

“Whether it takes 18 months or five years people are going to adopt this technology. It’s something we want to be on the forefront of, it’s our guess that ultra high definition is going to happen in a pretty significant way, unlike 3D,” said chief product officer Neil Hunt in an interview.

But problems could arise as crappy US internet speeds can’t handle the massive bandwidth that 4K streaming would require.

Maybe someday 4K will catch on, but there’s a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid first.

[Photo via Jesse Grant/Getty]

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