Veronica Mars and Amazon Prime: A Match Made in…Huh?

kristen bell

I did not see this coming. Perhaps if you had told me that Netflix would get all the Veronica Mars episodes, I would have believed you. Heck, even if you told me Hulu, that would have made sense to me. But no, somehow it’s Veronica Mars and Amazon Prime. Not that there is anything wrong with Amazon Prime, because there isn’t. It is a great service. I just think that when it comes to streaming, it is not the first place people think to go. Well, if you are a Veronica Mars fan, looks like you will have no choice.

TV Line broke the story, but it seems many fans of Veronica Mars are talking about it today. With there already being big buzz around her forthcoming movie, it was brilliant for Amazon to snatch up all the rights to all three awesome seasons of Veronica Mars. Seriously, they locked her down. Like I said, no Netflix and no Hulu. Heck, we would be surprised if you can even find clips on Youtube. Like we said, Veronica Mars and Amazon Prime are the new peanut butter and jelly of teen crime shows.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make sure I am in good standing with Amazon. I love that show.

[Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty]

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