Video Proof of Alex Trebek Rapping Last Night on Jeopardy

What if I told you that nothing you see today will be quite as awesome as the video you are about to watch of Alex Trebek rapping? No, it is not fake or altered. Rap was a category, and well, the rest is history. No, really. It made instant internet history. My facebook feed last night was filled with people in awe at Trebek’s raping skills. Honestly, we had to double check and make sure it wasn’t Will Ferrell taking us all for a ride. Nope. This is pure Alex Trebek rapping swagger.

So what else should I say about Alex Trebek rapping? Nothing. I am just going to let his rap speak for itself.

So I think we safely file Alex Trebek rapping under the category of “things I never thought I would see”. The thing is, it seemed like he was having some fun with it. I know it is not rap in the purest sense, but to even hear him speak these iconic lines was kind of mind-blowing. Now we just need to get a full album from MC Trebek and all will be well in the world.

Sorry. Was dreaming out loud for that last part.

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