Vince Gilligan Casts Josh Duhamel in New CBS Show, Battle Creek

josh duhamel

How do you follow up Breaking Bad? It’s maybe the single greatest show from start to end of all time. Seriously. How do you follow up your masterpiece? That is just what Vince Gilligan is wondering right now. Well, word is, Vince Gilligan cast Josh Duhamel in new CBS show, Battle Creek. Well, it’s got a name, it’s got a network, and now it’s got a star. Looks like Battle Creek is really happening. Now the waiting and worrying game begins. What is that, you ask?

The waiting and worrying stage is when we wait for it to come out. It can be a long stretch that feels like an even longer stretch for just how eagerly you are awaiting the new show. The worrying part comes from the fact that we KNOW people will measure this show against the success of Breaking Bad, and that can be a recipe for disaster. I am not saying Battle Creek will not be as good (or even better) than Breaking Bad. I am simply implying that lightning rarely strikes the same place twice. If that is what we are waiting for, we are just setting ourselves up for disappoint me.

The truth is, we need to wait and measure Battle Creek on its own merits. So far, it sounds good, cast is good, and a brilliant man is in charge, so it looks to be heading in a very positive direction. For more, head over to TV Line.

[Photo via John Sciulli/Stringer]

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