Watch Key and Peele’s Inner City Wizard School

Paul December 31, 2013 0

Inner-City Wizard School from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

Comedy Central’s Key and Peele are doing their best to fill the eternal gaping void left on the channel by Chappelle’s Show in terms of racially-themed, hilarious comedy sketches. So far, they’re doing a pretty good job, even if they haven’t achieved “legendary status” quite yet. I wouldn’t normally just feature random clips from the show, but I think “Inner City Wizard School” made me laugh more than anything else I’ve seen from them so far, and I just had to share it.

Key and Peele bring us Vincent Clortho Public Wizard School, the worst-performing wizard school of its class in the country. Low budgets mean lax security and the highest rate of wizard on wizard violence in the country. It’s only two minutes, so watch for yourself above. And start watching Key and Peele if you haven’t, it’s the third best thing on Comedy Central right now after Stewart and Colbert.

What’s your favorite skit if you do watch? I just went through some of the year’s highlights, and I think their vampire bit was great, along with their “football player names” skit.