Watch the Lengthy Table Read of The Office’s Series Finale


Here’s 77 minutes of TV history for you. The folks at NBC have released the entirety of the last table read in The Office’s history online. The hour-long finale is widely regarded as a prime example of how to end a long-running series right, even if the quality had slipped a bit in recent years.

You’ve never seen emotion until you’ve watched the creators and stars of a show like this do their last table read ever, all in the same room together. Not saying  you’ll end up watching the entire hour and seventeen minutes of it, but I suggest you at least stick around for the end where things get the most touching.

I forgot how good this really was, and I teared up a bit during Dwight’s final rundown, and especially Pam’s last few words where clearly everyone was emotional. Check it out for yourself:

Image via Youtube

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