Watch This Super Impressive South Korean Beatboxer Performance

Yes, this is a very impressive beatbox performance. But now I have to ask, is there anything that doesn’t have a championship attached to it these days? This guy is definitely interesting to watch and listen to but it really seems like almost anything can be a skill that’s worthy of a championship title or a competition of some sort. If he was allowed to have someone for the few lyrics though it’d be a bit more impressive.

Yes, I’m saying that the guy can’t sing. No one can do absolutely everything but the fact that this guy can work his whole mouth and make these types of sounds, and do it so convincingly, is just awesome. I started out watching this clip not sure what to think but by the middle I was still kind of on the fence despite being ready to admit that it was something unlike anything I’d ever seen before. It was impressive, really, but my mind still drifts back to that one question.

How in the world did this become a competition?

I know very well how competitions start, but getting to the point that they’re able to be made with just about anything in mind seems kind of ludicrous to start with and then interesting as time goes on. What made this kid want to do this? What was he thinking about when he started practicing? Did he think it was going to get him somewhere or was he doing it just because he was bored?

Just when I thought a yoyo championship was something out of left field I should have known that something else would come along. Anymore it’s a matter of waiting for the next amazing and somehow bizarre trend to pop up and become something that people are actually willing to compete over. It’s not an attempt to take away anything from anyone, it’s simply a lot to keep up with. The trick I suppose is to keep up with what you find interesting and leave the rest for others to decide.

Also, it’s to the point that they seem to have solo competitions and team competitions and they have WILD CARD rounds. That sounds more like something you’d find in the NFL rather than an obscure competition that most people don’t know about. It must get pretty intense then if they’ve taken to making winner’s brackets for this competition. I’m wondering now how many people actually sign up for this thing. I won’t call it a sport, but a skills competition is an accurate description because in truth it does take a lot of talent to be able to make that many sounds in such a short amount of time and keep them all in harmony as he keeps moving along.

So yes, I’m impressed. But my one point of confusion remains with just how many more activities that are born out of boredom are going to keep popping up? It’s a tricky question to be sure since the answer can’t really be given at this time. But if people are willing to compete and others are willing to watch, then go with it.


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