Why You Should Be Watching Broad City on Comedy Central

broad city

Broad City on Comedy Central is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. I am not mad at you if you haven’t heard of it because it is brand new, but you need to jump on this bus now. The reality is, this Amy Poehler produced show is going to change the way woman are allowed to be perceived in comedy on television. Yes, that’s right. Broad City is changing the way woman can do TV comedy, and expect that to be far reaching.

So what is Broad City? It is a show about two female best friends just trying to make it and survive in modern day New York. The females in question are Abbi Jacobson and Llana Glazer (both of whom are alums of the brilliant NYC improv group, Upright Citizens Brigade) and the show mainly follows them as they go about their daily lives. Trying to find romance, trying to find money, trying to pay rent. Thing is, this is not the humor you are used to seeing when it comes to female driven comedies. These two are not delegated to womanly struggles. The best way I could describe it is this is Workaholics with all females.

I will be honest. The guest stars they have on the show are amazing in and off themselves. Fred Armisen. Hannibal Buress. Kristen Schaal. If you are wondering why I have not actually told you anything about what makes this show funny, that is because I can’t. Much like Chozen, this show is a little too racy for me to talk about here, but you need to trust me. Abbi and Llana are changing the game for women on TV.

[Photo via Brad Barket/Stringer]

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