Why You Should Be Watching Chozen


Trying to talk up the new animated FX show, Chozen, and somehow keep this piece G-rated is a rather hard proposition. Why? Well, it could be said that Chozen likes to find the envelope normal people push, and then just push that envelope a few hundred miles further. This is not an animated show for children. But if you are mature, and can handle mature themes, you really need to be watching Chozen. This show will floor you with just how out there it is, but it will also crack you up in the process.

The show Chozen focuses around the central character of Chozen, which is Chozen. Sorry if that line doesn’t make much sense, but it did in my head. Chozen is a white, gay rapper who is just out of prison and looking to climb up the ropes in the rap game. Chozen is voiced by new SNL favorite, Bobby Moynihan. The show focuses on this less-than-smart man as he generally goes around, making new friends and trying to cut a rap record. The show itself is animated by the same team behind Archer, and you can see that in the crazy style of the show. Realize when you sit to watch it, nothing is safe. They drop pop culture references fast and furiously (see what I did there?) and let it be know, they don’t really hold back for TV. That sort of explains why it airs at 10:30 p.m on Mondays. You try any of this stuff on TV before that, and many people would be in trouble.

In other words, don’t watch Chozen if you are super conservative (morally, not politically). Not only will you not enjoy it, but it will appall you. Me, I know nothing is sacred, and for that reason alone, I kind of love this show.

[Photo via FX]

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