Wayward Pines Wants To Be Twin Peaks So Bad


So I am sure you kids know about the new M.Night Shyamalan show called Wayward Pines, right? Well, for those who have not, it is a show about a Federal Agent who travels to the odd town of Wayward Pines to find two missing F.B.I agents. The show is said to be hugely inspired by the classic David Lynch show Twin Peaks, which at first I was excited about. Then I saw the trailer and realized what I thought was an homage seems like a pretty much direct rip-off.

If you remember Twin Peaks, you remember just how surreal a ride it was. Always overcast, with every character being weirder and more irreverent than the last. It had an ever-present air of tension, and you were never quite sure what dark direction the show would go next. Well, Wayward Pines has dropped a trailer and its Twin Peaks adoration just seeps through every frame. Almost too much. Are they sure this isn’t just a remake with a fancy name change? Hell, the name is even the same pretty much.

It will really help if you have seen Twin Peaks before seeing this trailer, as they are so similar, they are hard to tell apart. We are not yet sure if this will help or hurt Wayward Pines. An homage is one thing, but a blatant rip off is another.

I will reserve my full judgement for when Wayward Pines drops later this year on Fox.

[Photo via FOX]

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  • Kal Slater

    Wouldn’t call it a direct rip off, whilst they share similarities in that they’re both creepy isolated towns that’s about it; the reasons behind why the towns are so weird are completely and utterly different. Twin Peaks and Wayward Pines are two very contrasted places.