Weatherman Jim Cantore Demonstrates Casual Ninja Reflexes Live On Air

Weatherman Jim Cantore has risen to internet viral video fame today with a video out of his quick and casual reaction to a rowdy college student trying to interfere with his news broadcast. The weather in South Carolina was starting to pick up, and Cantore wasn’t going to let any goofy college kid interfere with his story.

So, what actually happens? Many headlines are describing this as Cantore “ninja kicking an attacker in the groin.” I’m going to with “casually kneeing a stupid guy in the leg,” as that seems more accurate. But you should really just watch the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Could this be the birth of a new type of weather reporting? Meteorologists have to break down the weather while being assaulted on all sides and having to defend themselves with ninja moves. Anchorman’s Brick would probably excel in such a thing with his expert trident skills.

Watch the video for yourself above.

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