Whose Line Is It Anyway Returns On CW Tonight


I have you a shoe, and make you show me ten different things it is, but none of those things can actually be a shoe. That may sound stupid, but if you were a cast member on Whose Line Is It Anyway, that would be just your thing. You would tell me it was a cell phone for a homeless person, and everyone would laugh. Well, if that is just your type of comedy, good news, because Whose Line Is It Anyway returns to its new home, The CW tonight.

While the colorful improv crew are only showing up to do ten episodes, the fans of the show are in an absolute state of excitement, ready to see what kooky, off-the-top-of-the-head-stuff these guys say next. And for those worried, it is the original crew (mostly) coming back and not some new, upgraded group. So that means you have pretty much all the reason to celebrate in the world.

The one difference here is Aisha Tyler will be stepping in to take Drew Carey’s place. Which we really have no problem with that, seeing as to how Drew doesn’t do much on the show outside of host, and we like Aisha Tyler and find her to be quite funny and lovely, so it will be interesting to see how her wit and timing fits in with these masters, and yes, all the returning masters will be there.

Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and Colin Motrie will all be stepping back on to that stage to see what kind of silly and hilarious things they can make up, on the spot.

What will happen to the show after the ten episodes no one knows, but for now, just get ready for ten weeks of straight laughs.


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