Will Ferrell Drum Battles Chad Smith on Jimmy Fallon


Okay, to set this up properly, we need to point out that Will Ferrell and Chad Smith are the same person. No, seriously. Up until now, no one had ever seen these two at the same place at the same time, and we all thought that Will Ferrell was the actual drummer to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seems that is not the case, and Chad Smith is really a separate person. To further prove this fact, these two decided to have a drum battle on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I would love to tell you it is hard to tell the two apart, but once the actual drumming starts, it really isn’t that hard.

Before I even show you this battle, I just want to say, Kudos to Jimmy Fallon. I am not fully sure how he is pulling this off (making his show pretty much the best late night show of all time, and this is coming from someone who is still on Team Coco), but he deserves huge credit. Bits like this are cementing why he has the go-to late night show right now.

Alright, enough talk. Time for the drum battle of the century.

Just a couple things I want to point out here. First off, it was funny that Will Ferrell was actually miming drumming and ?uestlove was actually drumming his parts. Second, his line about the “Lukewarm Chili Peppers” pretty much won the night in my book.

Typically brilliant stuff from all involved. Props for Chad Smith for being cool enough to take part.

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  • Amy Lee

    Will Ferrell was not miming his drum parts. He really does know how to play the drums.