Will Jay Leno “Pull A Conan” On Jimmy Fallon?

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First off, many of you may wonder what it means when we say will Jay Leno “pull a Conan” on Jimmy Fallon. What we are referring to is when Jay Leno gave Conan O’ Brien The Tonight Show and then pulled it away from him so he could have it back. Why is no one remembering that this has happened once before with Leno, and he handled it with no class last time. What leads Jimmy Fallon to believe he will do it with class this time? Seriously, it is the question on everyone’s mind. Will Jay Leno “pull a Conan” on Jimmy Fallon?

The reality is, if he did, that would be career suicide for Jay Leno. But wait, Remy. He’s retiring. He no longer has to worry about his career. No, but he does have to worry about his reputation. When Leno did that to Conan, a great deal of respect was lost for him. Many saw it as a slimy move, and we are sure it is a move Leno is not too proud of. But regardless, it is a move he did. Knowing that, we all cannot help but wonder if that is something he would be willing to do, and what has Jimmy Fallon done to ensure that it WON’T happen again?

The sad truth is, if Jay Leno “pulled a Conan” on Jimmy Fallon, the masses would be outside his offices with torches and tridents, and I don’t think that is something he wants to deal with again.

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  • Greg

    Jay Leno didn’t take the show from Conan Jay and Conan’s boss took it from Conan

  • Shelly Bielma

    Jay Leno is not NBC.

  • Guest

    Easy Jay, er, Amygrantfan
    Conan didn’t get a good run at being able to sustain ratings. He had a month or so before Jay got his tv show which was The Tonight Show earlier. Which in itself sunk ratings to a new low.
    Second, Jimmy Fallon has a pretty big fandom (probably the same as conan). While I feel the tonight show is a relic of the past, Jay could have said No the first time, and if he does it again there will be no respect left for him.

    • Frank Walcroft

      Reality check….no one considers Conan anymore for 11:30 big time non cable TV. He showed he couldn’t produce the ratings against Letterman and NBC was relieved to pull his plug and get Leno back. Conan is just too Goofy for big late nite TV, with his over the top wiggles and silliness. Fallon’s problem is he seems superficial and uneasy and doesn’t tell jokes well, even with all the practice he has. Letterman, even dragging a bit toward the end of his career, will beat him. Why do you think Letterman is staying on after Leno retires? He (Letterman), no longer having to compete against Leno will go out a ratings winner.
      The rising star here is actually Kimmel. He is smart, funny and topical without being too silly. Note his movements on stage….he doesn’t jump in the air and flail around and crow like a rooster….yet he is still Funny! And likeable. He may yet be the one who inherits one of the 11:30 network spots before too long.
      It’s a shame there may be no place for Leno. He goes out with the top ratings and a very loyal audience. He is more of a stand up comedian with some pretty lame jokes, but he is great at what he does and provides the comfortable friendly experience many people are looking for at the end of their day. He has a few more good years in him…..hopefully he can find a place, or even stick around and replace Fallon if Fallon doesn’t improve and wears out his welcome.

      • Michelle Elise Cohen-Kissel

        Why do people post stuff that just isn’t true?? Leno did not take his job back from Conan, as Conan would have everyone believe because he is a bitter, unfunny man.
        He plain stunk at his job as Tonight Show host. While I don’t care much for Fallon either, Leno is now officially retiring from the Tonight Show to do standup and Fallon will take over. The scariest part is considering how long the show will last after Leno’s retirement or if NBC will milk it to death as they have the past 10+ years with SNL.
        If NBC will not admit failure by letting Leno go, the show may drag (and I mean draaaaaaaag) on for years with low viewership just to say it still airs.
        I guarantee if it fails, NBC will not take the blame. That will fall upon Fallon.
        I am sad to see Leno go. But it was probably the best choice he could make for himself and his comedy career.
        Some networks just can’t admit when enough is enough and end shows before ruining their memory and cultural significance, though.

  • Sethcohen26

    Huh, jay Leno did nothing, it was all nbc who decided to remove the still number one late night talk show and replace him with Conan and when ratings tanked, they put him back. It’s stupid of nbc to be doing this same thing

    • etiennes

      That is a very naïve way to see the world, especially the showbiz world. If you really think Leno hasn’t pulled some strings behind the scenes when he wanted the show back from Conan, I can’t help you do the math.

      • Sethcohen26

        Leno was under contract with NBC and the tonight show was tanking, it was Conan who rightfully refused to follow jay, it was nbc who messed up in the first place just as they are doing now, replacing the number one host in demos and audience. Perhaps you are the one who is naive, nbc would have had to buy out two contracts and there was no way they were going to do that, they would rather stick with the winning host than a losing one. You add up the math.

        • etiennes

          You’re just a drop in the bucket anyway LOL

  • DyNama

    if i was forced to give up my job, and then was offered it back, i’d take it. anyone would.