The Worst TV Shows Airing in 2014 So Far

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It’s never a good thing for a fan of a TV show to hear that the show they’ve been raving about or watching is on the chopping block.

But, for a variety of reasons, we’ve all seen a show that we’ve invested precious time on, cut before.

And because not every show released will become a smash-hit, here are some of the ones that have done less than stellar so far in 2014, either already getting the axe or just about to. These are the worst TV shows that have aired in the past few months.

5. The Neighbors

Somehow, this show has actually lasted for a few seasons, but it seems like luck is running out.

While it has aired for 43 episodes dating back to 2012, The Neighbors doesn’t appear to be set for another season after this one—if it even makes it to the season finale.

With a plot that features aliens living in a gated community in New Jersey, the plot is a little cheesy and pedestrian, even with the show garnering a few individual award nominations.

4. Super Fun Night

Airing after Modern Family at 9:30p each Wednesday, ABC hoped that Super Fun Night would have some carryover from that show’s audience—which it initially did, as it’s held its own for 17 episodes.

But the numbers have been dipping lately, and the presence of funny gal Rebel Wilson doesn’t seem to be enough to keep this show off life support and ultimate cancellation.

It hasn’t happened yet, but many predict it’s just a matter of time.

3. Killer Women

A crime drama that aired for just eight episodes, two of which never aired, Killer Women received harsh criticism from the outset.

With big names like Sofia Vergara and Ben Silverman attached to it as Executive Producers, one would assume this would end up well.

It didn’t.

On top of the backlash from critics, the show never cracked the 4 million viewer mark, and the sexist plot of a female working her way up in a male-driven law enforcement agency seemed to unsettle some people.

2. Betrayal

Lasting just one season and four months, this dramatic series just couldn’t cut it with audiences for more than the 13 episodes it aired.

The idea seemed to be a good one, with two people on competing sides of a murder trial wrapped in an affair.

It’s just that the names of the actors and the delivery of said plot struck out, with the verdict a life sentence with no chance of parole.

1. Mind Games

Hoping it had a hit thanks to the presence of actor Christian Slater, ABC thought that Mind Games was sure to take off.

It’s too bad that it didn’t happen, as the network pulled the plug on the problem-solving drama due to terrible ratings.

Lasting just five weeks, it averaged just 2 million viewers for the last episode, proving there was little interest in the concept.

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