“You’re The Worst” Season 4: What We Know So Far

Followers of the popular series “You’re the Worst” can look forward to a season of great entertainment with a few surprise guest appearances that will liven things up. There will be a lot going on in Season 4 that we’ve discovered. Find out who you’re going to see and what your favorite characters are going to be up to. Here is the breakdown of what’s going to happen, who we’re going to see and what we can expect from the show this fall.

How much worse can it get?

The end of the third season was bad enough, but things are going to get even more intense. Jimmy and Gretchen broke up. The ending of their relationship came at a bad time for fans. Gretchen accepted his proposal for marriage and what did he do? He left her on top of a hill. The dud is bad and he’s going to get worse.

What is Jimmy going to do now?

Jimmy is going to sport an awful new feature. He’s grown a beard and it looks rotten. In a slightly humorous twist, he’s found a hiding place to nurture the new growth of facial hair, of all places, in a retirement community. The metaphorical beard is a direct reflection of his emotional state. He’s the master of perpetual bombing of is personal life. He really knows how to screw things up and now he’s going to really look the part. Everyone knows that without Gretchen, the character is going to be the worst possible version of himself.

Transformations are afoot

Just when we think that Jimmy has hit rock bottom, we’re going to see something happen with the character. When he’s done with his self-flagellation, He’ll begin to move out of his comfort zone and make some changes. Season four is very much going to be about Jimmy making the journey back to Gretchen, but we’re not privy to just how this is going to happen, or how bad he’s going to get before it all goes down.

New characters

We’re going to see some familiar faces appear for roles that will add to the drama. On slate is Zosia Mamet. You may have known her as Shoshanna Shapiro from Girls. She’s going to appear as a guest star acquaintance of Gretchen’s, but she’ll be seen in a pair of roller skates as Heidi, the operator of a roller skating rink. The two women were former best friends in childhood, but had become estranged. They reconnect when Gretchen comes back home to see her family. Look for this to happen in Episode 7.

Lou Diamond Phillips is connected with Becca and Lindsay because he used to date their mother. He was a significant part of their lives in the 1990s and they didn’t understand why he went away. They look him up to find out what happened. His character will be Longmire and he’ll appear in the tenth episode.

Season Premiere

The fourth season will be aired on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. It will occupy the 10 p.m. time slot (9 p.m. Central time). Fans are in for a full hour to kick off the Fall offerings and it promises to be full of excitement.

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