A New Under the Dome Featurette with Stephen King

Paul June 13, 2013 0

under the domeI’m pretty decently excited about Under the Dome, the CBS miniseries that’s coming to television at the end of the month. I recently just finished Stephen King’s book, and agree that a miniseries is absolutely the best way for it to be brought to life with actual actors. A movie would have been far too cramped, an open-ended show would have required them to make crap up eventually to fill space. A miniseries is just about right.

The video below is a new featurette about the filming of the show. It stars many of the actors involved, including Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris who would be playing the villainous “Big Jim.”

It also features a lot of Stephen King himself, and he seems to be pretty intimately involved with the process, evening going to table reads and things like that.

I do worry about CBS being the network of choice for a show like this. Their programs are popular, but they lack a certain…quality to them much of the time, in my opinion. Though I think this would have worked better on Syfy, AMC or HBO, I’m curious to see how it’s going to go.