Veep 3.07 Review: “Special Relationship”


This episode tracks the rise and fall of Dan the Campaign Manager.  He started off like an eager puppy, ready to perform tricks for Selina to get her approval.  But the campaign has taken it’s toll on him and he’s seen frequently in this episode of Veep chugging a Red Bull and talking to no one.  

We meet the team in London, where it’s not quite clear why Selina’s presence is needed.  She’s going to be making a deal with the German Chancellor but really her European journey is a giant excuse to wear a big hat.  And props to whoever is on the Veep wardrobe team because that monstrosity is magnificent.  The hat and the poor speech Selina gave were the brain child of her wellness expert and part time lover Ray.  Ray angles to expand his limited role on the campaign to a thought leader and speech writer.  Mike, who normally doesn’t care about his own work output, finally gets upset.  

Selina, whose list of frenemies already includes a Finnish politician, does not get off on the right foot with the Deputy Prime Minister.  He’s unusually observant and knows a bit of German which puts him leagues above the Veep team.  With the help of Amy leaking a story about Ray, he watches the Veep get crucified during a press conference for having a “fat shamer” on her staff.   

Meanwhile, Jonah arrives in London to keep tabs on the Veep for Maddox.  He falls for Amy’s faux Mary Poppins voice and reinvigorates his role as head of Ryantology.  Jonah contacts a British journalist who won’t take no for an answer when he invites you to a pub.  Jonah sets in motion a crises the Veep team isn’t equipped to handle which leads to Dan’s melt down.  Jonah hasn’t forgotten about the burrito incident and meets Dan at the hospital to pour salt on the wound.  

Selina fires Dan after learning that he had manipulated the Ray situation all along.  With no one else to step into the leadership vacuum, she gives the job to Amy.  I’m looking forward to seeing how many ways Amy will also screw up the campaign because I’m guessing she won’t even last as long as Dan.

Bulleted observations:


-Prince Charlies is a 65 year old intern.

– The four main mood groups according to Amy are “death, glory, folly and tragedy.”

– Amy is her most seductive when using her faux British voice.

– Ray’s best selling book is titled “Get a Bod Like God.”

– Gary kills it at the physical comedy when handling the broken Queen’s China.

– Dan thinks that Amy has proved their friendship but little does he know that she set in motion the scandal that got him fired.

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