Tonight on Veep: Selina Becomes an Internet Meme

Shilo Adams May 5, 2013 0

veep hboGood attention is something new for Vice President Selina Meyer. Her run in the second highest United States office has thus far been marked by a fairly high public profile – except not in the way that she would like. During the Veep‘s tenure, she’s gotten away from her original goal of furthering political progress in this country due to several embarrassing moments that have found her looking beneath her title, moments that found her with poor poll numbers and zero in-house support. However, following solid midterm campaigning and an even better performance during the Uzbeki hostage crisis, Selina looks to finally have the attention that she’s so long craved. Right?

Meme. With the extraction completed and all four men safe, it’s now time for the publicity parade, beginning with the selection of a situation room photo to release to the media. While Selina and her team approve a photo that finds her looking steely and determined, the actual photo ran by newspapers, blogs, and television tells a different story, as she’s caught looking at her phone while a young man lost a leg. The reason the photo was changed and a non-approved photo ran instead? POTUS’ jowls. If that wasn’t bad enough, the photo has become the subject of internet mockery, parodies of the incident finding their way to Reddit and Tumblr.

50 Ways to Be Selena. The photo snafu was at exactly the wrong time for Selina, since there’s the Vic Allen dinner coming up, a sort-of White House Correspondents-esque affair where a little bi-partisan razzing goes on. Selina has Dan and Mike working together to pen a comedy song about the new speaker, but a last minute change has them scrambling to think of a new ditty that will have bite and not diminish the Veep’s political capital. While the reaction in the room is one thing, once video of the song gets out onto social media, it becomes a whole different animal to deal with.

Odds ‘n Ends. Selina’s team is nearly falling apart, with Sue interviewing for a new job, Gary expressing his feelings to Amy about Selina’s treatment of Dana, and Dan continuing to schmooze Kent Davison, who decides to poach a member of the team for a new project he’s working on. Jonah has a new parking spot to lord over Dan and Mike, but is life for Kanye West Wing as good as he wants it to seem? Selina is still haunted by being responsible for the loss of a young man’s leg, meaning that every member of her team has to watch the way they sit.

Veep airs tonight at 10:00 on HBO. You can check out a sneak peek of the episode here.

Can Selina rebound from two incidents that threaten her political reputation? Is Kent going after her team merely to unnerve her following a shaky few days? How will the others react to finding out what Jonah’s life is like when he’s not in their faces?