Veep Season Three Gets a Full Length Trailer


Veep is without a doubt one of my must-see comedies current airing, right up there with Louie and any future seasons of Arrested Development they may make. It took me two tries to get into the show, but once I binged watched the last two seasons on HBO Go, I was sold.

Now, season three approaches, and with it comes a brand new trailer that you can watch here. For those of you that are caught up, we now know that Selena is running for President this year, a race I’m assuming she absolutely can’t win or else they’d have to change the name of the show going forward.

In it, she meets with a new strategist (what is that guy’s name? I see him everywhere) and he recommends that she fires all the members of her terribly incompetent staff if she wants to win. I also can’t see that happening, but who knows, she’s ambitious. Watch the trailer for yourself.

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