Tonight on Vegas: How far would you go to protect your enemy?

Shelli W November 20, 2012 0

Last week had Sheriff Ralph Lamb and Vincent Savino attempting to “work together” to catch a killer, but this week, Sheriff Lamb finds himself having to protect the mobster when the Milwaukee mob puts out a hit on him.

The two men were forced to come together as their problems merged in last week’s episode.  Mia Rizzo, head of The Savoy’s card room discovered that there were phony chips being turned over in the casino.  Of course, this led Savino on a man-hunt to find the man causing trouble for him, on top of his issues with mob-unfriendly Mayor Bennett.

Lamb is eventually brought to Savino’s door as they investigate the death of dentist Howard Safran, and come across his trashed lab with unfinished fake casino chips for The Savoy.  Of course, Savino always seems to be Lamb’s number one suspect, but to his surprise, Savino makes a round about play at asking for the Sheriff’s help in finding the man responsible for endangering his casino.

Thanks to Safran’s little black book of gambling debts, and Dixon’s research into the cashier exchanging the phony chips for cash, the lawmen learn that the dentist was scheming with the cashier and her boyfriend to rake in enough cash to pay off their respective debts.  Unfortunately for Safran, the boyfriend got greedy, and took him out in an attempt to secure more money from the scam.

The episode also brought Savino’s wife Laura into a more central role.  When Savino shared his fears over the upcoming mayoral election, she lent her womanly talents to helping make the mob’s favored candidate appear more confident and believable as a mayor.

But how will the election turn out?

The results are in on tonight’s episode, “Bad Seeds.”  Tune in to see how the numbers will change Las Vegas, and how Sheriff Lamb handles having to play protector to Savino.

And judging from the promo, I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat for the whole hour.

Vegas airs tonight at 10/9c on CBS.