How Battlefront II is the Star Wars “Movie” We Always Wanted

Last week my sister told me about a deal. Star Wars: Battlefront II was on sale for almost 50% off. While I had eyed this game, when it came out, I hesitated to buy it. The game came fraught with weird EA pay to vantage issues. But as I did a little research, I realized that the game’s micro-transaction issue had been resolved. Plus, everyone I talked to said it was an incredible game. So, I bit and pulled out a little of what I’d been saving for emergency money (this is an emergency, right?). Even after spending probably too much on other people’s gifts, I bought myself a gift.

And I’m absolutely glad I did.

Battlefront I was a mess. And thus I was afraid this game too would be a horrid experience. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Even as I downloaded the game, I could play an “Arcade” offline mode where you could play some variation of stormtrooper or First Order officer defending Starkiller Base. Play it long enough, and you earn some points. Enough points got you a session playing Kylo Ren. Ren’s character felt fluid and I could easily pick up on how to use his Force powers. This was already a much better game the Battlefront I.

And then my download finished.

I had heard that the single-player campaign was brilliant. But I expected a single-player campaign similar to the old Battlefront games. Simple cut scenes and major Star Wars battles. No real storyline.  But the opening sequence in Battlefront II’s campaign was extremely cinematic and well acted. It felt like the opening to a Star Wars movie. As I played Versio, helping her escape the Rebel ship, my heart beat a million miles an hour. The opening scene made me care enough for Versio that I wanted her to succeed. I was already attached to this character.

Not only that, but the action felt like a Star Wars action film. Only difference: I controlled how the battle happened.  I don’t want to give away spoilers here. But Star Wars: Battlefront II is the Star Wars film that Rogue One should have been. It’s gritty and dark. The character acting is spot on. Whoever the casting director for Battlefront II is, LucasFilm needs to hire them.

The story makes connections with the two trilogies and does it in a way that leaves the player satisfied. The space battles are frighteningly good. You actually feel like you’re in that cockpit.

The only negative I see so far is the collision bubble on the Ties and X-Wings. It’s too big. I should be able to fly near to a star destroyer without fear of colliding with its collision bubble way before actually hitting the thing.  But other than that, the game seems almost flawless.  If you haven’t given Battlefront II a chance, I highly recommend it. It’s almost too bad it takes at least a $300 investment to even enjoy it. There are loads of people who don’t play video games who deserve this experience as well.

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