Forging Rose Quartz’s Sword from Steven Universe in Real Life

I love watching these guys. Every weapon they make is expertly crafted, well designed, and as near to perfect as it can be. Part of me wishes I was younger so that I could learn this craft and be just as good at it as they are, but then another part reminds me that writing about it is a distinct pleasure as well. This time the guys are tackling the construction of Rose Quartz’s Sword from Steven Universe. The blade is a very pretty thing to look at but it’s also something just as unique as anything that the crew has made before.

It’s hard to imagine that a single block of metal is what is initially used to start making the blade. Pulling it out to the proper length is a big job and takes a while but once it’s done that big block of steel is lengthened out to a dimension that you wouldn’t have initially believed possible. The amount of heating and hammering that is done to accomplish the desired shape is impressive to watch, but getting on to the rest of the weapon is just as much so since it affords a look at how each unique piece is made.

From the copper pommel to the massive cutlass blade the weapon is just flat out impressive. The fact that they paint the grip and guard pink isn’t even a detractor since it was already made clear that this was going to happen. It is a cartoon blade after all and at the end it looks absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it’s just me and my love of ancient and martial weaponry but the pieces that these guys make are worth the effort that goes into them and it’s exciting to watch each piece come to life. It’s amazing what can be done with the tools they have at their disposal, and even more amazing to think how this type of thing was done way back in ancient times when such tools weren’t readily available.

Obviously the process would have been a lot more difficult and less certain of a success unless the smith was that skilled and knew exactly what they were doing. This art is becoming lost with each passing year as the need for martial weapons is nowhere near as great as it used to be before the advent of modern firearms. The elegance and beauty of a finely-made weapon is no longer something that people go in for when it comes to defending themselves or even appreciating how much work actually goes into their creation.

At this point the world is ruled by technological wonders and the old world is slowly but surely slipping away. I find that quite sad since the amazing creations that come so readily from Man At Arms: Reforged are works of art as well as lethal implements of destruction that are absolutely inspired. After having watched them create a long list of weapons at this point I’m convinced that there’s really nothing these guys couldn’t make.

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