Marvel Vs. Capcom: The Honest Game Trailer

When did fighting games become so complicated? Marvel vs. Capcom started out fairly simple, but as the honest trailer shows it’s anything but now. What used to be X-Men vs. Capcom is now just Marvel vs. Capcom, without the X-Men aspect any longer. That’s not the worst thing in the world, even though the X-Men have some truly awesome characters, but the version that’s available now is something that seems liable to throw everything AND the kitchen sink into the mix. No really, I’m surprised that there isn’t a kitchen sink attack of some sort or a character based off of a kitchen sink, it would make total sense.

Any game in which you can hit combos of 100 or more is one that you basically need to know up, down, diagonal, sideways, and back to front eight ways from Sunday just to compete in. I mean have you ever seen a person that’s mastered one of these games play? The surest bet when playing any of them is to grab the controller, pick your player, and then say “you win”. That sounds so defeatist I know but if a person knows every combo under the sun and can hit you from any angle at will with any character then there’s really nothing for it unless you’re a gamer of equal skill.

Plus, and infinite combo? Allow me to sit back and enjoy watching my character getting their butt kicked, just let me know when it’s over and we’ll find something else to play. The idea that a character can hit you and keep hitting, and keep hitting, and, ah you get it. There’s almost no limit with some characters as to how awesome their moves really are. When you see a character’s special move take up about nine-tenths of the screen then you know it’s bound to be a worldbreaker and your character doesn’t stand a chance. IF by some miracle you survive the barrage, and that’s a big if, then you might have a sliver of life left at the end of it, during which time the other player might really insult you and take you out with a simple sweep kick or basic punch. Yeah, it’s that humiliating.

When it says that it’s filled with fan favorites it’s not kidding. There are seriously enough heroes and villains in these games to make your selection take up to about five to ten minutes at least. And that’s just the start. The moves on these characters are so amped up you might think that they’re all just a step away from being gods. And really, there’s no way that characters like Chun Li should be able to defeat Thanos in any universe.

All that aside it’s a fun game if you spend the hours it takes to master it, but if you do that the only winning you’ll do is if you don’t have a seizure afterwards. I mean it, the riot of colors and action is enough to send anyone into a fit if they stare into it for too long.


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