Monster Hunter World Gets an Honest Game Trailer

I’ve never played Monster Hunter World but with an Honest game trailer I still can’t help but think that it would be interesting enough to see it for myself. The action looks absolutely intense but the gameplay beyond that seems to be as technical as you would imagine. The whole game experience though usually hinges on some logical assumption that you’ll have to suit up, find adequate weapons, take care of your character, and otherwise go through the tedious motions of upgrading your armor, your weapons, and yourself in order to be a better player. In many ways these games end up being a round of mental Olympics that test your patience as much as your skill and ability to pick the right tools for the job.

But once you do get out into the virtual field it becomes a fight for survival as you carve your own path through the wilderness and actively go in search of monsters to hunt and kill for various reasons. Some of them might be good for making weapons and armor, others might just be a menace to you and other players that need to be eradicated. It’s a game that seems to lend itself to the thought of survival of the fittest, meaning that no matter what you’re going to go out and kill something for one reason or another, even if the writers are simply fabricating those reasons as they go and nothing is a matter of true cause and effect. Ever notice that in these games? You can just go out and kill something without needing a solid reason, all because the programmers decided that they wanted the real life effect of going psycho on something without being provoked.

The graphics look very intense and the action sequences appear to be more fluid than many others, meaning that you won’t find yourself on the opposite side of the screen from the monsters at all times waiting your turn while wondering if the monster is going to get about four or five hits in a row during which you have to just stand there and take it. This game seems to be more along the lines of offering the player a chance to hit and keep hitting while the monster attempts to rally back and do what it can to kick the player off of it or pound them into the landscape. The flow of battle is after all one of the more important things of the game and will keep people coming back more often than anything.

The rest of it, meaning the downtime and the endless upgrading of armor, weapons, and the character skills that keep the player alive, can be extremely tedious and read like a set of stereo instructions at times but is still necessary. It’s the stuff you do when you have the time and before you go out on a mission so that you know your character will come back alive, or at least have a better chance of it.

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