Real Life Mario Kart Has a Big Home in Missouri

For the enthusiast that thinks regular go-karting is just too slow this 4-story track in Missouri is the place to be. Unlike the article states however there aren’t any power-ups or koopas or anything else to resemble that famous Mario Kart, but the experience is unique thanks to the size and scope of the track. You can just imagine how fast the karts go and how much fun it must be whipping around corners and skidding along as you try to pass one person after another.

This looks like it would be the ultimate go-kart ride of all time.

It’s definitely safe enough as you can see with reinforced bumpers and safety cables running along the entire track.  There’s even an EXIT NOW sign just in case something goes wrong with the track. Those that are afraid of heights might not have such a good time but the fact that there’s four stories worth of track is simply awesome.

There are single karts and doubles it looks like so that younger children can ride with their parents and enjoy the experience as well. This is a bit of forward thinking in go-karts it would seem since a lot of us can probably recall when we were waiting to be old enough and big enough to ride by ourselves. At least this way the younger kids can get a taste of the action. Most go-kart tracks require a child to be a certain age before they can ride on their own for safety reasons.

looking at it from this angle you can get a much better idea of just how big the track really is. Over to the left it almost looks like they have a kiddie track set up. That makes it nice as younger kids can have their own turn bumping around as they try to navigate a simpler course. It’s good practice for later on.

Just imagine what kind of speed you can get going down this section of the track. You can see now how you ascend around the loops and then come down the gently curving section that leads you towards the endpoint.  I kind of wonder how often people crash into each other as they try to either slow down or steer when they’re going at a high enough speed. Thankfully the owners seem to have taken every possible precaution.

This picture gives you another good view of the track and how truly big it is.   This looks like a picture before it was opened however, as  the track doesn’t look quite finished. As you can see though it really dominates the amusement park that it belongs to.

Seriously this looks like enough fun that it would be worth taking the trip across country to Missouri just to see this amusement park. This go-kart track would be the ultimate goal upon arriving and I wouldn’t leave until I’d gone around at least a few dozen times. There’s no doubt it would be expensive but it would be worth every penny.


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