Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

I wish I could say that Star Wars Battlefront 2 getting the Honest Trailer was a surprise, but really it’s not. This game seems like it’s had problems since its inception, let alone when it finally came out. Usually you’ll know exactly what a game is about even if you don’t play it by the first month, but with this one all you can really tell is that you’ll get to play certain characters at some point and that there is something of an ongoing story that runs through it. Having read the novel Inferno Squad I can state that it might have been better if the game had been made about the novel rather than add in so many extras that didn’t really fit with the story. Otherwise the game seems like a huge mess that was bound to tick someone off eventually.

Honestly every time you turn around now and hear mention of Battlefront 2 there seems to be some legal ramification or irritated gamer making waves about it. The game doesn’t seem to have really upgraded anything so much as it’s added a lot more of the same thing. I have watched people play the original Battlefront and it seemed like a fun game, but watching a quick run-through of the second one it really looks like they cleaned up the animation a bit and added more characters along with a new story line. Other than that it’s a lot of the same. Unfortunately this time there seems to be a lot more hassle with how easy it isn’t to obtain new characters and how much a person is going to be charged for the game and the items they receive in the game so that they can actually compete with other people online.

Games like this make me pine for the old days when you might have had to know someone that liked gaming to really get into a two-player game, but at least you knew who you were playing against. In this manner it’s still a lot of fun but you have no idea who you’re playing against and whether or not they’ve spent their life savings on the game in order to be the best player out there. Seriously some folks spend what might seem like a small fortune on these games in order to be the best and gain just a little bit of recognition, when the rest of us are just out there to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Star Wars games have come a long way from the PC version but it hasn’t always been a positive move forward. The graphics and the gameplay in Battlefront 2 are pretty standard but still very impressive, it’s the idea that the company that made it is doing virtually nothing to stem the idea that they are in some way promoting gambling with this latest installment of a beloved game. Really, how bad do things need to get when a VIDEO GAME is being investigated for being used in an illegal gambling scheme?

It’s your move EA, better make it a good one.

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