Weta Workshop Unveils A Groundbreaking “Mixed Reality” Game

Weta Workshops has unveiled a groundbreaking game that uses something called mixed reality. So far the best it can be explained is that it’s played via a headset that is placed over the eyes and allows virtual items to show up in whatever area you happen to be frequenting at that moment. The games that are being developed for the system are still being worked on, as is the system itself. This is completely new territory and has yet to be fully understood, but the idea of it is awesome. Virtual reality has been constantly gaining ground throughout the years in its many different applications and in this manner it is looking to revolutionize the video game industry.

You might think that this is nothing new since headsets have been around for a while now and have been used in such a manner. The idea seems to be however that this will seem far more real than those systems that have come before. Weta Workshops has a reputation after all of pushing boundaries and resetting limits that essentially made to be broken. It could be the future of gaming or it could be yet another step towards something that might be even greater once another breakthrough is found. It’s kind of hard to know these days just how far gaming is going to go since every time you turn around it seems that something new is being invented and the tech that just came out is being considered old and outdated. Perhaps it’s a generational thing since many of us from the 80’s and 90’s can still remember being blown away by the Atari, the Sega Genesis, NES, Nintendo 64, Playstation’s 1 thru 4, and so on and so forth. There’s always something being developed, something coming out that’s going to trump what’s already been established.

Some of us might even be able to remember when the VR experience came with those super-bulky headsets that weighed your head down and showed images that were extremely basic. Those days are gone obviously and the future is a VR experience that can look so real that you’d swear you were transported to the game’s location the moment you slipped the headset on. As of now video games are miles upon miles beyond anything that we can recall as kids. In fact those earlier games almost seem like something you might train a young child on. As the future of video games continues to expand you can only imagine that things are going to get crazier, more detailed, and that the programming is going to become more and more realistic as people continually demand a ‘real’ experience from their video games. The movies that are shown every so often, such as Ready Player One, might eventually become a reality it would seem.

Of course things could always turn out like the depressing Gerard Butler film Gamer too, in which the reality of the game becomes something so frighteningly perverse that we might wonder just when the whole system went off the rails. Let’s hope not.

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